Binocular head
20˚ inclined, interpupillary distance adjustable 55-75㎜
Total Magnification 8X - 64X 8X - 80X
Eyepiece WF 10X/24 with built-in diopter adjuster
Zoom lens 0.8X - 6.4X 0.8X - 8.0X
Zoom ratio 1 : 8 1 : 10
Objective Plan 1X
Focusing range 105mm
Working distance With zoom lens - 78mm
Field of view 30㎜ - 3㎜
Illuminator Reflected: built in ring LED lamp(Intensity controllable)
Transmitted: LED lamp(Intensity controllable)
Input power AC 220V 60Hz.
1. Widefield 20X Eyepiece(paired)
CCD Camera System : CCD color camera, C-Mount adaptor, Video cable, Power supply,
Video capture board
Digital Camera system : Digital Camera, Relay lens with C-Mount adaptor, AC adaptor, Memory card
Carrying case
Image analysis system : Image frame grabber, Image analysis software
SWS-FO100, Fiber optic illuminator : with dual branch, self-supporting light guide, length - 50cm
6. Auxillary objective : 0.5X Plan / 2.0X Apo
7. Photography Attachment
8. Coaxial Coarse/Fine Focusing Unit
9. Mechanical Stage
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